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Video Poker Strategy – Always Play To Your Maximum Bet

video poker strategy

Video Poker Strategy – Always Play To Your Maximum Bet

Video Poker Strategy is nothing but the art of making smart decisions while playing video poker hands on. However it is not a talent that is easily enhanced with time. On the other hand, the more you play video poker, the better you will become at video poker strategy. Here are some tips to improve your video poker strategy:

First, as I have said before, video poker strategy starts by being aware of the type of hands you are playing. Card types include Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Three Card Draw and Two Pair. All these are combinations that are not all that rare to find in video poker tournaments. Also some of these card combinations are played with specific casino software package. Make sure to check this out as it could be one of the leading causes of your winning streak.

Second, in playing video poker strategy, you have to have a good sense of when to fold or stay in the game if you hit a losing hand. If you are in late position, there is a big possibility that you are losing the royal flush because you may have been against the strong royal flushes in a particular video poker game. However, if you are still in an early position, it is okay to play the royal flush if the odds are good. It’s okay to fold to bad hands because you have spent most of your money on the pairs and you are scared to lose them. You are still within the range of winning unless you have already spent most of your cash on Royal Flush.

Third, make sure you know how much to bet on any particular combination. The general rule of thumb in video poker strategy is that you are only willing to bet on the majority of combinations with guaranteed payouts if you are sure you can get paid off after the pot. If you are not sure, then leave the game and move on to another one. There are many great pots out there and if you do not get paid after the first pot, you will not get paid off after the second pot either. So it pays to weigh your bets based on whether you are sure you can get paid after the pot.

Also, if you are playing video poker at a casino with a house edge, never ever fold to a monster card even if it is a two-of-a-kind or a full house. Do not be afraid to always play deuces wild because the odds of getting a two-of-a-kind or a full house are higher than any other card in the deck. Also, always play the flop as well because the big pots at the flop are just as valuable as the pots in the late stages of a tournament. You can usually buy some more chips from the dealers if you win the pot on the flop, so why not take advantage of it? That’s why it’s important to always play deuces wild in video poker, but if you are having trouble, simply play tighter when you have an early position because the big pots are sometimes called early when you are holding a good hand.

When you are playing video poker machines at home, make sure you know your limits before you start playing. Always play to your maximum bet and try to stick to that limit the whole time. Video poker machines are designed to be progressive, which means that you get a set amount of coins to use before you need to call, and once you have used your maximum number of coins, you will need to wait until you have exited the pot before you can cash out. There are some limits that you should try to stick to at all times and when you are using progressive slot machines at home, it is very easy to be tempted to cash out because you saw a huge pay out on one of the small progressive machines.